What is RFID ?

RFID is a abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. Radio waves are used to interrogate the tagged objects for information. The RFID Tags answer to the interrogator with data stores on the tag. Each Tag has data storage memory on itself.

How does it work?

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Way to Go !

With the advent of RFID technology, object Identification has been boosted to a higher level of technology. No longer restricted to the Big Guys, its now quite affordable and has a much realistic return of investments. We help implement for you, a value-for-money RFID solution that makes object identification seem like magic!

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raditionally, Parents always have been at the worrying edge concerning the safety of their children en-route to school, and the Schools always have been having to be responsibly transport the students to and from their respective homes.
  • Problem in teachers and parents communication;
  • Problem in providing Information to parent that their children have safely arrived or left school.
The use of RFID helps reduce the concerns by automating the detection of entry/exit of children at the gates of the school.

The RFID solution


arent can be informed, by sending message that their kids have safely arrived or left school gates.
Arriving: Each student wears a tag with unique ID . When he enter the gate, reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS or email.
Leaving: When student leave school, the reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS or email.
  • Student attendance checking
  • Students don't have to stop in queue, to slide card one by one. The system automatically record all attendance information.
  • Builds a unique user-friendly messaging system, Teachers and parents can communicate conveniently

School notice:

Teachers can inform their parent about their meeting, payment, etc.

Student status notification:

Teachers send evaluation of students to their parent, such as behavior in class, homework, behavior comments, exam grades, recent status.
Even parents can send message to teachers in charge of class or school principals.

This solution can be scaled up to involve student tracking within the campus, such as visits to the Library, Play area, Food-court and other various internal facilities.
Tracking school staff such as janitors/housekeeping staff, teaching staff, etc can also be done to enable quick paging for emergencies etc.

SKRFID has built a seperate website to address the school and educational community. Do visit http://www.rfid-in-school.com for more details.

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