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With the advent of RFID technology, object Identification has been boosted to a higher level of technology. No longer restricted to the Big Guys, its now quite affordable and has a much realistic return of investments. We help implement for you, a value-for-money RFID solution that makes object identification seem like magic!

How to identify million of livestock

     RFID technology has been used to identify millions of livestock animals around the world. These systems track meat and dairy animals, valuable breeding stock and laboratory animals involved in lengthy and expensive research projects.

Benefits Of the system include

  • Provides a basis to quickly and accurately collect data on individual animals.
  • The RFID signal can penetrate body, tissue, wood, plastic, mud, manure, etc. Most RFID livestock applications use passive RFID tags: the tags require no battery, tags last for the life of the animal.
  • RFID tags can create a single lifetime record of an animal and may contain information about the breed/lineage, farm on which the animal was produced, health records and other metrics.
  • RFID records may be shared with the livestock producer, stocker, feeder and the packer.
  • Rfid are typically used in the livestock industry for tracking and accounting for livestock. During many stages of livestock management, It is necessary to record data about a particular animal, and to distinguish between animals. The RFID tags are useful not only for livestock, but in connection with other animals such as salmon and other migratory animals which are observed for various scientific and environmental purposes.
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